Adventureland Accommodation

For the perfect getaway experience, located just a stone throw away from Juliasdale and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, Adventureland is the place to stay. We cater for families, large groups as a well as single travelers. Depending on your preferences, we have three highly comfortable, affordable and convenient accommodation types for you to choose from. 


Enjoy the outdoors and sleep in a tent to feel the ultimate camp experience. We can accommodate up to 100 campers in all our tents.


Our chalets have 2 bedrooms and 4 beds. The kitchens are fully equipped with gas and electric stoves, microwave and fridges ready for you to enjoy a relaxing holiday. We also have braai stands available for your culinary convenience. Ideal for adults.


The Adventureland Cabins are built to accommodate large groups and provide the perfect setting for bonding sessions. Living in a cabin with other people promotes 24/7, face to face interaction and opportunities for collaboration. The cabins are ideal for school groups and leadership camps.


Adventureland has a large, fully equipped kitchen suitable for large groups. Campers can choose to bring in their own food and have the kitchen to themselves for the duration of their stay. The advantage is that they get to prepare their own meals at their own time. The other option is to bring your own food and have our catering team prepare meals for you. The advantage is that you get to concentrate on the camp activities without worrying about taking breaks to go to the kitchen. Some people prefer to give Adventureland a meal budget and set a price for each meal.


Here at Adventureland we take great pride in maintaining our grounds, meticulously caring for our plants and ensuring the camp is as safe and fun friendly as possible.


Electronic gadgets: Camp is a great place to unplug, unwind and build strong, genuine relationships through shared experiences. By limiting the use of electronics, we believe it will preserve the rustic feel of camp and enhance the camp experience. To do this, we ask that you please do not bring any laptops, tablets or Ipads. Cell phones are allowed and may be used during the sessions for taking pictures only. If parents/guardians need to reach your camper please call the campsite (+263 772 685 005) between 13:00 & 14:00 or email