Welcoming new challenges.

The year 2016 is forever going to be an important milestone in your life. This is the reality of being in Form One. You have just moved from primary school to secondary school. You have moved from having one teacher for all your 4 or 5 subjects to having more than 10 teachers for different subjects! It is a time when you are no longer a senior and you have to face the reality of having other people getting more attention than you. You have also just moved to a bigger community than the one you have been used to. For some it is the very first time in your life to be away from mum and dad! What are you going to do? 

What to do in these trying times.

  • Acceptance – understand that this is it. This is the reality now. There is no turning back. The sooner you realize that this fact the better for you and the easier it will be for you to move on and fit in.
  • Responsibility – now more than ever before you will need to grow very fast. You will need to take care of ‘YOU’. For once be selfish. Make sure that ‘YOU’ is comfortable. Make sure that ‘You’ settles well in this new environment. Once this is done then everything else falls into place
  • Discipline – ‘out of sight out of mind’. No. It doesn’t work like that. What your mother or father or guardian or friend told you about discipline is still important. RESPECT authority. RESPECT yourself. RESPECT others. RESPECT life. Period. It’s still fashionable to be disciplined. Never look down upon anyone.
  • Love – such an overrated word but still very relevant. It is the greatest of them all (1 Corinthians 13:13). Love yourself. Value yourself. Value others. Love life. Do today what you will still be proud of when tomorrow comes.
  • Learn – the main reason why we are alive is to learn as much as we can so that when we are faced with different challenges, we will know what principles to apply for each situation. Learn from everyone. Listen very carefully to what is being communicated to you. Throw away the garbage. Keep only what makes you a better person. When you learn how to listen, you will sharpen your sixth sense such that you will be able to feel with your gut if something is good or bad for you.

May this year be filled with beautiful pieces that will make you a much better person!