What is Adventureland?

Adventureland is a center for character development and fun education through 21st Century methods. We believe that the outdoors and ‘green time’ are essential for unlocking brains and improving moods. Guided by Christian principles, Adventureland Camp also believes in group support systems. The idea is to forge a TEAM ethic in a particular group of individuals as we understand that most relationships fail because of the spirit of INDIVIDUALISM.

We aim to break the destructive spirit of ‘SELF’’ while encouraging the more progressive spirit of ‘TEAM’. We use CONTEMPORARY methods of teaching and training to remain relevant to the pupils.

The 21st century child has a lot of challenges leading to misunderstanding with parents/guardians, teachers and their friends. Most feel that they are misunderstood while on the other hand the parents and teachers feel that the new generation wants it all and wants it easy. At Adventureland we seek to unlock the emotions through various activities, including Role Play, until the individual sees himself or herself in a better light. Through interactions with our coaches and other learners, participants facing challenges will improve their attitude towards their parents/guardians and life in general. The Adventureland experience helps them to understand their situation and improves their judgement.

We are a place of FUN and once you Feel the Adventureland Experience, you’ll Love the Adventureland Experience!