Play and Learn. It’s an experience like no other!

At Adventureland the main objective is to have as much FUN as possible. We believe that when groups visit us, they want to take in our beautiful surroundings as well as breathe the pure Nyanga air. With this in mind, most of our learning takes place in the outdoors. Our activities begin with an early morning jog and exercises.

Each activity is designed in a manner that brings out key human elements like EMPATHY, SUPPORT and LOVE. When an activity requires one member to go over an obstacle, the whole team MUST support the member’s efforts by lending a helping hand. When a team member is having difficulties in performing an activity, the team has to show empathy and not feel like their time is being wasted. Through our activities, we encourage the spirit of togetherness. We believe that a challenge for one is a challenge for all. Sometimes participants have to redo the whole activity until they have mastered the ideals of TEAM WORK.

 Our activities take place in a relaxed outdoor environment under the watchful eyes of our experienced trainers. With an excellent ration of 1:10, Adventureland is able to maintain the highest levels of supervision and safety. This ratio also helps the trainer to get to know the participants intimately as they do the various activities. After each activity, participants take part in the de-briefing process where they evaluate their performance as individuals and as a group. They also draw life lessons from each activity and relate to their personal experiences. Our facilitators are trained to get minds working to enhance creativity and find solutions. They also encourage group members as well as help participants to discover how to work as a team.

Our camp activities include:

  • Low ropes obstacle courses
  • Commando’s course
  • Prison break
  • Trust Fall
  • Ladder Holders
  • T-line
  • Tyre Mania and many others.