School Camps

Pupils’ development is often hindered by years of dependency on teachers and parents. At Adventureland, we believe that exposing your children to ideal campsites, such as ours, is the biggest way to help their development as they will learn to do things independent of the daily supervision of parents and teachers. While this supervision and control is key to learning, guided camps have their own special ways of beefing up the development of the children as they engage in fun yet educational activities. They will learn to work in a team and will understand the value of themselves in the team effort. Our team of experienced facilitators will be with the children right through the training, giving one on one tutorials and guidance. We use a ratio of 1:10. 

Life skills 

Our Life skills camp will help pupils see possibilities that life has to offer. The camp will help galvanize their character as they embark on a variety of activities and lessons on how to survive in the bush with no food, how to improve personal hygiene, how to relate to the opposite sex (relationships & boundaries) as well as drugs and alcohol abuse. We engage various people from various professional backgrounds like the army, health personnel, the police, lawyers and the pupils get an opportunity to interact with them.

Prefects Selection and Orientation

With the help of our coaches, your school administration can come up with the best prefects team to run the affairs of the school. Adventureland will identify the best candidates based on the various character tests available at the campsite. We will put the pupils under pressure and see how they think in those circumstances. We will also relax the atmosphere and see how they adapt to the new situation. Pupils often open up when they are away from their ‘normal’ environment.

Father & Son / Mother & Daughter Camp 

Here is an opportunity to reconnect. Many parent-child relationships break as a result of misunderstanding. Adventureland offers an ideal place to re-engage. The 21st century parents are a busy lot, but, the more parents don’t spend time with their children, the bigger the space gets between them. Through heart to heart sessions, confessions and sharing experiences, the bridge can be repaired. 

Art Camp 

Adventureland is surrounded by beautiful features that can inspire a creative mind. The mountains across the road, the tall gum trees, the thicket of wattle trees, the baboon grooming a child on a rock and the Nyangani mountain range from a distance will help the creative art student conjure up some award winning master pieces.

Fitness/Boot Camp 

With health in mind, Adventureland Camp will design a program specific to a group of individuals. We have noted with great concern how unhealthy some children are. We believe that this is a result of bad eating habits as well as laziness. We will teach RESPONSIBILITY for one’s body and RESPECT for one’s body. Through rigorous training and healthy eating tips, the participants will be encouraged to change their attitudes. The idea is to develop a health conscious attitude leading to an improved individual SELF ESTEEM

Remedial Class 

We believe that all children are capable of learning with understanding. The challenge is that many children have been ‘labeled’. We believe that those children who have been placed under ‘special’ classes still have the potential to be better individuals in other areas. Bringing them out to Adventureland where they can showcase their talents will help improve their self-worth away from the judging eyes of the school. Through drama, song and dance the children will get an opportunity to ‘shine’ and start believing in themselves.

Church Camps

Adventureland is guided by Christian values and principles. We seek first an experience with God through the appreciation of the creations around us, then we embark on our journey of self-discovery. When we do our morning jog around the campsite or devotions on the mountain, we are gently reminded of the awesomeness of God. We believe that is a strong starting point.

Team work in the church is essential for the movement of the Gospel. Through our various activities, we help members to look inside their hearts in order to serve others with purpose!

Corporate Retreats

Bring out your team and plan for the month, quarter, or for the whole year. At Adventureland we help you interact on an equal footing. While Respect is key, Responsibility is the ultimate goal without which the former vanishes. Whether an individual is BIG or SMALL, respect = responsibility.

Our programs are conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere which helps even the introverts to step out of their cocoons and enjoy the Adventureland Experience.

Our Camps seek to:

  • Improve self esteem
  • Increase confidence
  • Improve fear of heights
  • Eradicate selfishness
  • Encourage creativity
  • Encourage critical thinking
  • Strengthen family ties
  • Encourage support structures
  • Help individuals discover their HAPPY side.