Back to School

During my secondary school years, I would always look forward to the end of the school holidays. I would look forward to seeing my friends again. You see, when we were growing up there were no cellphones, no WhatsApp, no Twitter, no Instagram to stay in touch with friends. So going back to school was always a beautiful thing. Then we would talk way into the night, catching up on what went on during the school break! It was a time of excitement. Nowadays it is different. With all the social media available, friends are never out of touch. So I imagine when you say back to school it is really about getting back to the business of school, not to meet and chat with old friends.

Trying Times vs sulking times

School times were the most exciting times for us. This is where our friends were. This is where we had our first heartbreaks! Very painful we thought it was the end of the world. And for some of us who were at boarding school, this was also like a prison because our parents would literally dump us at the bus terminus and would only see us at the end of that school term! The boarding masters, the teachers, the prefects were like the prison wardens at their different levels. This is where we learnt to survive. It was not only the books that we read, we also became experts in reading different attitudes and situations. We were learning about life and life’s struggles! You had to be tough and smart. That was essential at the time.

Socialism living vs selfies

With a 2 liter bottle of the original Mazowe Orange Crush and original 2kg Gold Star brown Sugar you were set for the next three months! This was your ‘tuck’. Period. You had to learn to either share with a group of friends or risk being called selfish if you decided to budget your stuff by yourself. It was always wise to declare what you had and then run a ‘kitchen’ with your buddies. This was the beginning of socialism where the little that you had was put together with the rest of the group. There was the focal point where we would all meet at the end of the evening studies to rip into a loaf of bread and drink the sugar and water solution with a dash of Mazowe orange from the same container! You’re probably thinking ‘Yuk, that’s disgusting!’ Thinking back, that was disgusting. But at the time it was the perfect thing to do, one of the best times I ever shared with my friends. The experiences taught us to be selfless, to be brothers in the struggle. This was the life.

After all’s said and done

Today I look back at my time at school and I can’t help it but smile. I survived. I learned. I lived and loved. Today as you’re going back to school, stop and think how privileged you are to have the opportunity to attend school. This is the best time you’ll ever have in life. Because after all is said and done, when school time is over, there are more serious things to consider. There are more problems to ponder. This is the time to learn how to live, to set yourself up for that successful business venture that you want to get into. This is the time to learn how to manage your emotions. Make proper use of your time at school. It won’t come back. Enjoy school time.