Of ballads, the ones we love and Season’s Greetings

Holiday Favorites

The love songs are belting out already, from Sade Adu, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight, Lalah Hathaway (Forever, For Always, For Love.) to Mike Reno and Ann Wilson (Almost Paradise, from the motion picture soundtrack ‘Footloose’). It’s the season to feel the love in the air. It’s the most beautiful time of the year. (check out the rhyme scheme) Christmas Carols everywhere you go! I love this time of the year. It’s a time that reminds me about the importance of love and how special it is. It is a time when I feel all tension being lifted off my shoulders. My spirit feels free and light. And the music just does it for me. I just find myself humming along to those ballads (and moving in tune with the beats) This is when I throw all caution to the wind. (not reckless abandon) I live for the season, the Christmas Season. It is a time of indulgence. I’ll worry about the waistline in January. Don’t worry. Not now. Now is the time for all my favorites. Bring them on. All the beautiful love songs. All the scrumptious food. All the beautiful people ‘blowing kisses in the wind!’ Bring them too.

The power of Now

The spirit of Christmas brings out something very important. It makes you live for the moment. It says NOW is my time. Now is your time. Never underestimate the power and promise of NOW. It is the most important time in life. NOW makes you forget about yesterday and tomorrow. It forces you to live for that moment. (And that’s not about selfishness) When tomorrow comes, if it comes, you will treat it the same way you’re treating today. Sooner or later tomorrow will be your NOW. So NOW goes on and on and on, like Erica Badu. Now is all we have. We’ve got to treat the present with respect. This means the ones we love need to be loved, not to be taken for granted. They are all we have NOW. Who knows what tomorrow holds or brings? Love like there is no tomorrow. Again and again and again. Relentlessly. Endlessly.

The Adventureland message

We wish you a very merry Festive season. All of you who have graced our grounds. All of you who have inspired us throughout the year, bringing tears to our eyes, drawing smiles on our faces and sharing even the smallest of meals with us. We wish you a Merry Christmas. We wish you love. We want you to know that you’re Special to us. We want you to believe that you’re Special. We cherish the times we spent on the mountain, around the bon fire. The stories we told and the lessons learnt all remain fresh in our minds. We remember the times we spent on the trampolines. We remember the injuries sustained from all the jumping and running around. We remember the Zumba dance moves! We hold on to the courage and faith of David and the teachings about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. We understand that we have to be Patient because true love comes to those who wait patiently and then grab it when opportunity presents itself. We understand that family relations may be strained but there is hope that one day we will get to know ourselves enough to start thinking and treating each other with a lot more empathy. One day we will understand why Dad had to work so many hours away from home. We will also understand why we need to create quality time to spend with our loved ones.

We also remember that we’ve got to be “with it” because life has no guarantees. Opportunities come and go, be ready to grab yours when it comes. We also remember that we’re all different. No one brush can paint us all the same. Do not judge. There are so many different truths out there. Your truth may not necessarily be my truth so allow me to stick to my truth. We’re different. That’s what makes us human. The sooner we understood that there are many versions of the same event the quicker we’ll learn to value each other’s different truths.

The fights in our homes, schools and work places are a result of intolerance. You can’t force your truth on me. I can’t force my truth on you. We’re different and that’s that. Period. The best we can do for each other is to know our own selves. If we take time to study ourselves first before studying others we will be better off come the new year. ‘Know Thyself’ so that you will not be shocked when someone says you have a bad attitude. Rather, stand up tall and look them in the eye and say, “Eish, I know and I’m working on it. I will be a better version of myself next year!”

Everyone is perfect in their own way and we all need a hug

Whether you’re excited about Christmas or not is your own business. No one has the right to judge you. Whether you believe in the spirit of Christmas and what it brings or not is none of anybody’s business. Life was never meant to be lived in a particular way. We all live it differently. During this time, a lot of people believe in giving. It is good to give. If you feel it is good to give, then go ahead and give, abundantly. I believe that, in our own special way, we can make a difference to the lives of many people. The spirit of Christmas does not only say indulge, indulge but I can hear it saying give, give. It whispers love, love.

Don’t listen to those beautiful songs all by yourself. Share the experiences with someone. When you listen to beautiful songs, take time to feel the beat, pick out all the different instruments and say to the one you’re with, ‘listen to that!’. Share your experiences. Don’t be a loner. Go out and be seen. You’re beautiful. You’re Special. You’re you. You’re living in the NOW. The world’s waiting for you to show your face. Stretch out your hand and touch somebody. Stretch out your hand and help somebody cross a busy street. Feel important because you’re special. It’s your time. It’s Christmas Time and it’s NOW!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY.gs9a969e8b-1a10-495d-be09-dc936cb75d89