Be better in 2016

The year has only just started. Many new resolutions to put pressure on ourselves. What are your resolutions for this year? What is it that you want to achieve? How many resolutions have you drawn for 2016? What have you carried over from 2015?  Why have you carried them over to 2016?

Whatever you resolve to do this year, make sure you have a better plan than the one you had last year. Make it a point to do things better this year. Just be better in everything you do.

Starting with your attitude to situations, how have you been dealing with different situations before? Have you been the ‘I don’t care’ type? How have you been relating to your friends at school? Your parents? Have you taken time to listen to the people who talk to you?

Be a good listener – There is hearing voices and then there is tuning in and listening to someone who is talking to you. When you tune in to a conversation with a friend, your parents or your teacher, you have the opportunity to hear even the unsaid words. You get to hear the sadness or happiness in their tone of voice. You become one with the speaker.

Manage your emotions better – have you been the quick to snap character? There are people who will not give others the benefit of doubt. They will be quick to assume the worst. They won’t even recognize a joke because they let their anger emotion control them. Are you like that? Be better. Manage that emotion so that it works for you not to control you. Or have you been the over happy one? Happiness needs to be controlled as well. Despair? That’s such a useless emotion when you allow it to dictate the pace in your life. It tells you that you have no control over any situation. It says your life has been decided by fate and you have no power whatsoever to change your situation. Control it. Be better.

Responsibility – 2015 is over. What’s done is done and it can’t be undone. The money you lost last year through reckless behavior is gone. We don’t count it anymore. The love you lost last year is gone. The subjects you failed last year belong there. Be better this year. Be more responsible for your actions. Look after your money better. Love better. Study better. Be better.

In conclusion, I’d say let’s manage our lives better this year. If last year was good to you, make this year better. If it was bad for you, make 2016 better by making better choices in spending patterns, in love and in studying. Make it better by choosing better words to say to people. Be the better person in an argument. Let’s be better.