From My Point Of View


Mazowe High L6 Life Skills & Leadership Camp – Adventureland, Nyanga

And I quote, “You don’t have to hold a leadership position to be a leader” [Antonio d’Angelo] Those were the words on the walls of the hall at Adventureland, Nyanga. A welcoming home it is, a promise to be adventurous and daring it kept.

The emphasis was on self-awareness and self acknowledgement in the understanding that we all have to lead anyway, either ourselves or a whole congregation.

The temptation is always that once you visit a place, it is done and dusted and there is nothing more to learn from it; and sure it would be true if you set your mindset to say I know it all. Martin Luther King once said, “The true goal for education is intelligence plus character”. And surely if you think you know it all, there is nothing more that you can learn. Once bitten, second time shy would have been my motto for the trip since I had been there two years earlier. But I had a new awakening. My only question was, what should l be shy?

A perfect getaway it was, providing a conducive environment for growth and learning about life skills. Great emphasis was put on team work which is a co-value in co-existence and an enormous lesson drawn from ants as they work tirelessly. You provoke a spirit of support and teamwork in humans by leading from the front [leading by example], a true and genuine trait of a leader. All activities would somehow push people to the limit, be it the Low-Ropes Course with its emphasis on more action and less talking or “Ladder Holders,” where no matter how thick the air gets at the top of the ladder, it’s up to us to keep climbing for there are people at the base to support us. To never ever give up was the highlight of the weekend.

The quietness and the softness of the sound of singing birds whether at dusk or dawn, the difference is always the same. A picture is worth a thousand words, a life time perhaps. As l reflect upon that weekend, all l see is myself in mid air, the trampoline below me. They say man can’t fly? A clear mental picture is framed in me to say that I can achieve it all, only if I put my mind to it, and made me realise that.

Our main focus though was the life skills training led by Students Connect Trust. Apart from leadership, other areas which were discussed were grooming and etiquette. We also touched on career choices. And I quote, “Fools learn from their own experiences but the wise learn from other people’s experiences.” (Uncle Ngoni ,SCOT). SCOT spared one evening to share their experiences with us all in the name of interaction and networking. We were to derive knowledge from such experiences and also to dodge the traps that life has set before us.

Our profound gratitude goes to Adventureland for hosting us, Mr Sibanda and his team for their expertise and vast knowledge. A special mention has to go to everyone who participated in this venture, from SCOT, the school and all other parties, for their cooperation which made it all a successful and an unforgettable experience.

Dion is a Lower 6 student at Mazowe Boys High School studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He was a junior prefect at O’Level and has recently been appointed prefect because of his excellent attitude and leadership potential.