Love and an entire generation saved.

30km later and a generation saved

In a war ravaged village, a young man motivated by love, cycled 30km to warn a certain man and his family about an impending attack on the man’s household. In the dead of night the young man arrived at the homestead and frantically knocked on the door to deliver the chilling warning. The villager heeded the message. He gathered what he could and bundled the entire family into his small car. He drove in the night to a safe place where he would eventually set up a new life for his family.

How far would you ride to save a life?

The salvation of man is through love and in love.

There are people in life who are our guardian angels. They will appear from nowhere to save our day. They are our heroes. Some are members of our families and others are complete strangers. Love brings them to us. They will sacrifice their lives, their families and their time to save us from possible ‘death’. It is in their nature to love and to bring smiles on people’s faces. How do we payback? The best way to repay them is to give love in return, to bless someone else because of the blessings we would have received.

You saved me – lending a helping hand

Some meet their guardian angels in marriage and their lives change for good! Hey! Where would you be? Think about your life before you met your partner. And when you were down and out and somebody called with a job offer. That’s your guardian angel. That person saved you from potential harm. Hands up if you were given a small loan to start a business and now your life is different. I know someone who was told by a stranger to go to a certain doctor for their health problem and today they are completely healed! Helping hands come in different forms and in different situations. We may not recognize them at first but when we look back we realize that they came at the right time. Have you ever been given a free ride and it meant the world to you?

(when you lend a helping hand you could be helping someone conquer their fears and avoid possible’death’.)

Seconds from potential disaster

Being generous to people is a wonderful thing. It has the effect of making them feel good about themselves and that alone has the potential to save them from possible suicide, divorce, bankruptcy or poverty. People who do acts of kindness may not know it but they just could be saving someone from certain ‘death,’ thereby preserving an entire generation! The world needs a lot of them today more than ever before.

  • What is your contribution today?
  • Whose life have you impacted positively lately?
  • Are you governed by love in everything you do?
  • Ask yourself hour by hour whether you are staying true to what life expects from you.
  • You may not be where you want to be in life right now but so what? It’s not about you.
  • The question is, what can you do for life and what can you do for others?

Are you someone’s guardian angel?

In conclusion, when you finally go to bed and you reflect on the events of the day, what preoccupies your mind? On reflecting on your day’s actions, is there a vision of LOVE? Do you go to bed with a frown on your forehead or with a smile on your face? When you think about the choices you made during the day do you feel proud or ashamed? Being true to one’s self means being brutally honest with yourself. Be good, do good and change lives for better. Be a guardian angel and save lives.