Will you miss me when I’m gone?

Always bring tranquility to people's lives. Life can be easy going.

Always bring tranquility to people’s lives. Life can be easy going.

Remember me when I’m gone

Sometimes I wonder what my family will miss about me when I’m gone. What about my friends, my brothers? Will they miss me? What is my worth in people’s lives? Am I just another guy in the street? A friend of mine told me a story about a man who lived all by himself. He had concluded that he meant nothing to the people that he knew. After some time of keeping to himself, he felt ill and because he had convinced himself that he did not matter, he never told anyone. After a few weeks of pain and suffering alone, he died and nobody knew. He was only discovered a few days afterwards.

What’s your worth?

If you went off the radar for a day or for a week, how many people would come looking for you? What contribution do you have in people’s lives? I know wives who silently wish that their husbands would just vanish from the face of the earth because all they bring is pain. And I’ve heard men who swear they would not marry the same woman again given a second chance to start over. And yet I know of beautiful souls that some people would die for. I know of angels who are always on people’s lips because of the wonderful things they contribute in relationships. You see, there are some relationships that are fulfilling and others that drain you empty. Which one do you have with the people around you? Do you put smiles on people’s faces when they think about you, or are you their nightmare?

I try

Everyday gives us an opportunity to mend bridges, to make better decisions, to give more and take less. All we can do is keep trying, but it all depends on whether or not we know what our purpose in this life is. When we get married, for example, we’d be trying to improve our relationship, to take it to another level – a higher and better level. Macbeth, in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, famously soliloquized that ‘life is but a walking shadow’. He was referring to the fragility of life when we think we’ve got it all. We’ve got to try and build worthwhile relationships while we still can. We’ve got to try to be that person who lights up the room. That person who’s the life of the party. Be the one who loves boundlessly. Just try.


When I’m gone, what will my family remember me for? What will my wife miss the most? Will I be a shadow that quickly vanishes when the sun comes up? I hope I can stay in their memories forever and ever. I want to be a point of reference for the beautiful reasons. What about you? What will your children miss the most? Will you be good riddance to rubbish? At your work place, if you get transferred, will they miss you? Will you be like the man who died and no one noticed? What is your worth?

This time

Make people miss you when you’re not around. Make them wish you were there all the time. This time make a difference in your friends’ lives. Don’t hold back. Give love. Smile. This time say a prayer for your mother. Be there for your students. Make a difference. This time make it count. Don’t let life just pass you by. Contribute. Positively.